West VirginiaWelcome all residents of West Virginia!

Owning a home has never been easy. With rising housing costs and harsh economic conditions, it is becoming more and more difficult for middle class Americans and rural/semi-rural families to secure their own home. However, there is finally good news for you. US Government and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has come up with an exciting housing development scheme which will certainly help you to achieve your dream of securing a home which you can call your own.

If you are a resident of counties such as Putnam, Preston, Roane, Webster, Wirt, Hardy and many more in West Virginia, then you stand an excellent chance of getting approved for this mortgage scheme.

USDA Mortgages in West Virginia – Non Eligible Counties

There are some counties which have declared non-eligible for this special mortgage scheme. This eligibility criterion has been formulated considering the existing development metrics and progress of the region. Some of the counties which are not eligible in West Virginia are:

  • Brooke
  • Cabell
  • Hancock
  • Kanawha
  • Mineral
  • Monongalia
  • Mineral
  • Ohio
  • Wayne
  • Wood

To get the complete list of all non-eligible and eligible counties for USDA Mortgages in West Virginia, please refer to the official website of USDA by visiting: http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/textDiscriptionAction.do?pageAction=oipCounty&stateCode=54

USDA Mortgages in West Virginia – Income Limits

Income limits for approval into this special housing loan program has been devised to filter out those households and families which are either self sufficient to finance their own home or those which are not willing and/or not capable of repaying the loan. This income limits is a very important factor while granting approval for USDA mortgages in West Virginia. Please refer to the official website of USDA to get the details of income limits prescribed as per the county and the members in the household; by clicking here: http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/welcomeAction.do?pageAction=pageLoad&requestInfo=GuaranteedIncomeLimits&NavKey=incomelimit@12

Advantages of USDA Mortgages in West Virginia

  • 100% Finance available for loan
  • Fixed interest rate for whole loan tenure
  • Loan repayment can be stretched up to 30 years
  • Absolutely no down payment required
  • Loan can be used to buy new home, or repair/renovate existing home or even relocating to a new location
  • Flexible credit check for loan approval
  • Instant approval
  • Fully legalized and authorized mortgage scheme

Don’t wait any longer! USDA Mortgages in West Virginia is an excellent program, which has been custom made to provide assistance and guidance to those families which cannot afford their own home due to various reasons. Take advantage of the program; and secure your own home. You can start right away by filling this short form in the right hand side of the page and/ call us at 877-342-7449 .