Questions to Consider Before Your Cash Out Refinance Application

About Cash-out-refinance

Cash out refinance is a process where the borrower takes out new loan with a larger principal than before and gets cash out on the balance. If cash out refinance is used responsibly it can prove to be very beneficial. Let us take a look at the benefits as well as risks of cash-out refinance.

Benefits of cash out refinance

  • Improved cash flow and reserves – A cash out refinance can put you in a better cash flow position if you pay off high-interest revolving debts with it
  • Improved credit scores and better interest rates – The interest rates are usually low in cash out refinance
  • Tax benefits – The mortgage interest is tax-deductible when you roll your high interest debt into a mortgage payment

Risk of cash out refinance

  • Longer period to pay off the debt – If you are close to paying off your mortgage then cash out refinance may be not for you.
  • Fees – You can end up paying hundreds even thousands of dollars in closing costs
  • Risk of going underwater – If you are a serial refinancer then you could end up in an underwater mortgage.

Questions to Consider Before Cashing Out

5 Things to Consider Before Your Cash Out Refinance ApplicationWhen you are thinking about going for cash out refinance then there are certain things that you need to consider, these are:

  • Duration – The option works only when you plan to live or own the property for a long period of time
  • Employment situation – If your job is not stable or you work in a volatile industry than this is probably not the best option for you
  • Upcoming expenses – if you have big expenses like car, taxes, tuitions, roofs or medical coming up then going for cash out refinance might not be intelligent before you pay off your expenses

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