What is rural mortgage?

A rural mortgage most commonly the USDA home loan program is designed specifically for the low income families who are planning to buy a home in the rural areas.

These loans have gained immense popularity as the traditional loans have beefed up their eligibility guidelines.




The advantages of these rural mortgage plans include:

  • No down payment required – This is bone of the only program that allows 100% financing
  • No PMI required – Unlike traditional loan programs USDA does not require PMI, even if you finance 100% of the purchase price
  • Low interest rates – Typically the interest rates of these loans are not higher than 0.5%

What to look for in a Rural Mortgage Lender

For a newbie the decision of going for mortgage can be a confusing as well as time-consuming task. This is why it is extremely important that you take care while choosing your lender. A good mortgage lender will not only give you the best rates but will also ensure that the whole process is a seamless as possible. The tips given below can make the whole process of finding a lender much easier:Rural Mortgage Lenders

  • Do your homework online – Online you can find the reviews for home lenders with just a few clicks.
  • Take advice and suggestions of family and friends – Conducting a quick survey amongst your friend and family can help you find the best option
  • Take note of how your enquiry was taken initially – How quickly the lender has provided you information as well as answered the questions you were asking can go a long way helping you make your choice

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