South DakotaWelcome all residents of South Dakota!

Securing your own home has become easy now due to the rural housing development program developed by the USDA which will benefit all residents of South Dakota.

If you are a resident of counties such as Aurora, Beadle, Butte, Fall River, Jones, Lake, Moody, Tripp and many more in South Dakota, then you stand an excellent chance to get approved for this special housing mortgage scheme. Join hundreds of other residents of South Dakota who have taken advantage of this attractive housing loan program.

USDA Mortgages in South Dakota – Non-Eligible Counties

USDA has declared few of the counties within South Dakota as non-eligible for this special mortgage program. Some of these counties are:

  • Lincoln
  • Minnehaha
  • Pennington

This non-eligibility criterion has been introduced keeping in view the contemporary development and progress of the concerned country. We would encourage you to visit the official website of USDA to get the complete list of all eligible as well as non-eligible states for USDA Mortgages in South Dakota by clicking here:

USDA Mortgages in South Dakota – Income Limits

US government has introduced income limits for granting approval of this special housing development program. Those families whose annual income is between the income limit prescribed by USDA are granted approval for this special loan.

For instance, for a family of 5 staying in Aurora County, the annual income should fall between $31150 and $98650 in order to get approval for guaranteed housing loan. Kindly refer to the official website of USDA to get the complete list of income limits, based on the specific county and members of household. You can visit here:

USDA Mortgages in South Dakota have several inherent advantages

Some of them are:

  • Absolutely zero down payment required
  • Fixed interest rate for the whole loan tenure
  • Loan repayment period can be stretched up to 30 years
  • Loan can be used to purchase a new home, relocate to a new home or even repair/renovate existing homes
  • 100% Financing Scheme available
  • Loan approval despite bad credit history
  • Flexible credit history checks
  • Backed by US Government and fully legalized
  • Instant Approval

Several thousands of residents of South Dakota dream of owning their own home, but very few are able to make it. Join thousands of families from South Dakota who have used USDA mortgages in South Dakota and secured their own home. You can start right away by filling this short form in the right hand side of this webpage and/or by calling us at 877-342-7449.