Hartford, ConnecticutWelcome all residents of the “Constitutional State” of America! If owning a home is in your agenda, then this following announcement will make up you day: Now, it is possible to secure your own home, without any down payment.

The United States Department of Agriculture or USDA has introduced this amazing mortgage scheme, also called USDA mortgage, wherein residents of Connecticut can apply for fixed interest rate housing loan, without even paying any down payment. USDA mortgages in Connecticut had been designed to help families and households who cannot afford their own home. Additionally, this can also help rural development and progress. If you are a resident of Windham country, then you have a very good chance of getting this USDA mortgage approved.

There are few counties which are not eligible for USDA mortgages in Connecticut, which are:

  • Fairfield
  • Hartford
  • Litchfield
  • Middlesex
  • New Haven
  • New London
  • Tolland

Based on the property index and current rates of construction, there are several areas within these counties which are eligible as well. You are strongly suggested to visit the official website of USDA to check the eligible counties and cities for USDA mortgage by clicking at http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/textDiscriptionAction.do?pageAction=oipCounty&stateCode=09

Income Limits for USDA Mortgages in Connecticut

The government had initially introduced this attractive housing scheme for rural families for whom owning a home is far too expensive. However, creating a benchmark of income levels is important in granting mortgages as USDA wants to ensure that only the right households and eligible persons are granted this housing loan. To filter out the non-eligible candidates, USDA has introduced a income limit for the approval of mortgage. Kindly refer to the official website of USDA to get more information regarding the income limits, based on the counties and the number of household member by clicking: http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/welcomeAction.do?pageAction=pageLoad&requestInfo=GuaranteedIncomeLimits&NavKey=incomelimit@12

Advantages of USDA mortgages in Connecticut

There are several inherent benefits in opting for this housing loan. Some of them are:

  • Bad credit history is fine: Even if you have a bad credit history, USDA will assist you in securing this loan.
  • No collateral required: Unlike housing loans of other type, there is no requirement of depositing or showing any collateral for USDA loan.
  • 100% finance: The whole mortgage would be financed, which is a great factor who financially weak families
  • No down payment required for the mortgage
  • US government back loan scheme

Don’t wait. Hurry up! Join thousands of other residents of Connecticut who have taken advantage of this attractive mortgage scheme. You can start your journey of securing your own home, without any down payment, right away. All you need to do is:

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