USDA Rural Development Program

The USDA rural development program is a blessing for families as well as individuals who have a low or moderate income to realize their dream of a modest, adequate, decent, safe and sanitary home of their own in eligible rural area.  The eligibility requirements of this loan are extremely flexible and the applicant must:

  • Occupy the home as his primary residence
  • Should meet the income-eligibility criteria
  • Must be a citizen of the US, a qualified alien or a non-citizen national
  • Must have the capacity legally to incur the loan obligation
  • Should be able to meet the credit obligations of the loan in a timely manner
  • Should buy a property that meets the program criteria
  • Have not been either debarred or suspended from the participation in federal programs

How the USDA Encourages Home buyers to Get USDA Mortgages

USDA home loans are probably the most powerful USDA home loans option that is available to the rural as well as suburban home buyers. This loan program is available to applicants with significant benefits that are probably not available with any other loan program. The benefits of this program include:

  • What Is a USDA MortgageNo down payment required – If you qualify for a USDA home loan then you will not be required to pay anything for a down payment.
  • 30 year fixed interest rates – A USDA lender – with the guarantee of the US Government can offer the borrowers competitive interest rates.
  • Flexible credit guidelines – The borrower is suppose to provide a credit history report but the guidelines are extremely flexible that allow even applicants with a spotty or bad credit to qualify for a home loan.
  • No maximum purchase price – There is no maximum purchase price limit but the lender will still determine the amount for which the borrower is eligible depending upon the ability of the borrower to pay.

Applying for a USDA Mortgage

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